The 'Finding your path' conference 2022

In collaboration with Female Tech Heroes

About this day

As a young (female) student/professional, you will learn to ‘find your own path’ and:

  • How to navigate and find the right career path for yourself going beyond your ‘job’.
  • Acknowledge your power in steering a path & taking control of your career.
  • Learn the value of vulnerability, and the power of asking for help.

Program of the day

09:00 Walk-in & registration
10:00 Kick-off - Welcome by Beyond & FTH
10:30 Keynote 1: Finding your path
11:30 Lunch
13:00 Keynote 2: Steer towards your path
14:00 Keynote 3: Learn the power of vulnerability
15:00 Rounding up
15:30 Drinks
16:30 End

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Keynote 1: Finding your path

Liselotte Graas

During her time as a Mechanical Engineering student, Liselotte was part of the TU/e team developing the world's first energy-positive family car: Stella. They became world champion in Australia and all proceeded their careers in technology. Recently Liselotte created a documentary 'Driven by Challenges' in which she tracks down her peers, which led her to Taiwan, India, Boston, and Manchester. As product manager at Vanderlande she is responsible for the innovative portfolio of 'Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles'.

Being 8 months pregnant, in this keynote she looks back on her journey so far and shares the 7 mindset learnings she would like to pass on to her daughter later in life.

Beatrix Bos

I am Beatrix and I just graduated last summer from the TU Eindhoven. I did a master's in Sustainable Energy Technology ⚡ which I enjoyed a lot! One month ago I started my first grown-up job at DIFFER, the Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research as a project leader on a project about the future Dutch energy infrastructure. However, finding my first job was actually not how I envisioned it and was totally against my expectations. During Beyond I will tell you all about it! Looking forward to meeting you all there!

Photo Credit - 'Aanjagers van Technologie' - Nico Alsemgeest

Keynote 2: Steer towards your path

Lim Jeeyeon

I am a Sr. UX Designer at VodafoneZiggo involved in creating ever-better digital customer experience and seamless digital journeys for both Vodafone and Ziggo customers.

I started my first career in the entertainment industry in South Korea and ended up working for one of the biggest entertainment companies in Asia. After realizing that my role wasn’t what I was looking for, I decided to let go of my 5 years of experience in the entertainment field and joined one of the travel tech startups. Fast forward, I am now in the telecommunication industry as a designer without any relevant academic background in Design. In my keynote, I would like to tell everyone that you can pave your own path regardless of the amount of experience.

Maria Argyriou

Hey all, I am Maria, an Electrical and Computer Engineer from Greece! As of September 2021, I am a master's student in Embedded Systems at Eindhoven University of Technology focusing on System on Chip design, a field that I really love and enjoy! Apart from my studies, I work part-time at Prodrive Technologies here in Eindhoven and, I am part of the International Ambassadors team at the TU/e!

Coming from a small village in Greece, I always wanted to live abroad and experience life in different countries. Naturally, when the opportunity came knocking on my door in the form of admission at a university abroad, I decided to take it. Of course, it was not an easy decision, leaving behind my friends, family, and loved ones. However, I always enjoyed a challenge, and instead of taking the easy -and preferred by many- road and settling down close to where I grew up, I decided to take a leap. And even though I am still exploring my decision and waiting to see where I will land, I would like to share my experience with you. Because sometimes, going against the tide can make all the difference.

Keynote 3: Learn the power of vulnerability

Marjan van Ganzenwinkel

Marjan van Ganzenwinkel, is the TU/e Recruitment Manager & Professional Skills Trainer at the TU/e. ⁠Within her work, Marjan is passionate about creating a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, and through this, she discovered the power of being vulnerable, inspired by Brené Brown. ⁠ She, like no other knows that, at first, being vulnerable sounds quite scary, right? But what if vulnerability could be a measure of courage or even one of our major strengths? Do you dare to allow yourself to be truly seen?⁠ Marjan is very excited to let you think about what vulnerability could mean to you.

Naomie Amsing

My name is Naomie and I am a Master student Biomedical Engineering at the TU/e. During my studies, I noticed some things that needed to be improved in our university. I took it upon me to work on mostly wellbeing, social safety and inclusivity matters. In the meantime, I was also an adult in development and got to know myself really well through ups and downs. I learned who I am, who I want to be, and how I can be myself in rough environments while also getting stuff done. During my talk, I will share how I learned to show vulnerability, and how that impacted my life and my work for the student community.


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