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Empowering women in tech, design, and innovation.
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About Beyond

Beyond is the very first organization in the Eindhoven region empowering (female) students.

We aim to provide guidance and support for female students in the Eindhoven region. Most female students experience lack of empowerment and encouragement throughout their higher education due to various circumstances. One of these circumstances could be, for instance, low assertiveness in dealing with difficult situations.

Our Mission

We have listed a diverse number of topics that we would like to tackle and dive into:

  • Women empowering women

    We would like to provide students with tips on how to tackle possible (existing) discrimination within women groups in workforce.

  • Safe space for women

    We would like to be a safe space for students to come forward to speak freely, feel heard, understood, and if possible leave full handed learning from experiences of others to act accordingly.

  • Equal representation of women

    We would like to contribute in closing the underrepresentation gap by showing students and prospective students the possible development paths they can have in STEM careers.

  • Challenge sexism: In daily life and work place

    We hope to provide a safe space in which students can develop skills that are needed not only during their student life, but that are crucial in tackling the leaky pipeline of women in STEM careers.

  • Women as role models

    We would like to introduce existing role models in the region of Eindhoven to female students to look up to.

  • Empowering female entrepreneurs

    We would like to collaborate and bring these issues to the attention of industries and students (potential entrepreneurs). Eindhoven is home to many start-ups and foundations supporting them. We want to be part of this journey and push boundaries and break the existing status quos.

  • Mental health awareness

    We would like to make sure that students are aware of their own mental health and if needed, they can take actions accordingly.


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Our Team

Mahsa Nejati

Co-founder, Chair

Lara Hofstra

Co-founder, Communications Manager

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You can reach us by e-mail at